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What are the paid surveys?

Hey, if you are a student you are well aware of the paid surveys. If not? Let’s take a look at this. Online paid surveys are questionnaires that include statements on some specific topic and can be accessed through Google. It is not easy for the students to do a part-time job to meet their expenses along with their studies through paid surveys. They can make some income. In this age of technology, many companies also offer paid surveys to get reviews and feedback from their users. It can be beneficial for you to consume some time and get cash through these surveys.

How does it work?

Products and services that we avail of are owned by some companies and those are aimed to make their products better by getting the feedback of their consumers. These companies hire some market research to get closer to their target audience to know the strategies and requirements that will make their product more selling product and how they can overcome the shortcomings and make it better regarding their upcoming product line. Companies have a database of their users called a panel when they want to get feedback, they tap into this panel. This group of online people is known as the online panel. These paid surveys are free to join. You can simply provide your feedback and can get cash or a reward.

Where to get the job?

Branded Surveys is a global market community for research surveys. It has an amazing selection of e-gift cards PayPal and bank cash transfer options. You can take surveys and refer your friends as well which will make you more money.

YouGov Survey is a site for you if you like politics. These surveys are published in the media. After completing surveys, you get cash or gift rewards. It also offers friend-refer-program and mobile surveys, and product testing opportunities.

Opinion Outpost offers mobile surveys and pays you cash or an Amazon voucher or e-gift per survey. You will get your reward within a few hours of the request.

How much do you earn?

Different sites offer different packages. It ranges from $10-$30 according to different surveys. Branded surveys pay $10 per hour. Some also offer $1.00 as a bonus to new members. Opinion surveys pay you $10 per survey.

What to avoid?

No doubt that paid surveys are great opportunities to make extra money but it is also being exploited by many companies. Here are some issues that you should avoid.

  1. Never sign up for a site that charges you to get access to the survey.
  2. Do not overlook privacy statements and disclaimers.
  3. Do not take paid surveys as your full-time job.
  4. While attempting a survey always select your geographical area and language.
  5. If you sign up with some other country, the site will detect your IP address and you will be rejected.



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